We don’t ask for thanks from our clients but know they appreciate what we offer. Some of them will often say they are grateful or do something to give back. The following are a few examples of the differences we have seen. (The names are fictitious to maintain confidentiality).

Neil has been a regular client for several years. He has had ups and downs with relationships and work problems. He has told us he was, at first, often scared or nervous and we would see his frustration come out as temper.

Over time, he recognises that we have listened to his frustrations and he has begun to work problems out better for himself. He now enjoys meeting new people and is generally calmer. He worked so hard at a fundraising event we held this summer and finds jobs to help us whenever he is at the drop-in.

Brian had tended to isolate himself in his flat, due to his mental health. He was invited to come in by another client who saw him outside. Brian admitted to us he was struggling with little food and money. We were able to give him some food bags and to enable him to contact his energy suppliers. We have listened to his concerns and suggested how he may be able to help himself.

He told us that he has type 2 diabetes and other health issues and we’ve encouraged him to keep seeing all the relevant health practitioners. We helped him source a replacement household appliance and offered him clothing when he needed some. He said that now he comes to THC, he is getting to meet more people. He tells everyone that “It’s a friendly place and they care about you”.

We first met Wendy when she was with a man who, we later found out, was violent to her after drinking and taking drugs. They were living in a tent and we helped them with clothes washing, showers and food.

During the pandemic, they were moved away but earlier this summer she came back to Minehead alone. She suffers from anxiety and other injuries but we helped her to get temporary accommodation through the council.

She has little contact with her children in care but now she has wanted to talk with us about how to try again, perhaps sending a message via the social worker or an individual card to each child, saying that she loves them.