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Our allotment

The Allotment at The Hope Centre, Minehead
It became apparent through talking with our visitors at The Hope Centre that their days without anything to do seem very long and they were bored. As allotments seem to be the thing of the moment and it wouldn’t take too long to set up we thought this was the best option. Our local council were very supportive and although the waiting list was very long managed to find us a vacant piece of land.
At present in season we work on it two days a week for three hours each day. As popularity and volunteers increase we may be able to do more days. This first season we were able to erect a new shed, make compost bins from old pallets and build raised beds for the easy growing of vegetables.

Many people donated garden implements for us to work with. Some things were grown from seed and some from small plug plants. Much compost and manure was dug into prepare the land. It was a great encouragement to see an abundant harvest as a result of all their hard work.

Money to help with the setting up of the allotment was raised through the sale of a cd produced from a local choir.

From wasteland to wonderful food!

Here’s a little video showing how the allotment happened.

[responsive_vimeo 61705475]